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Problems that the KITHUS home system helps real estate developers solve

The problem

A building sold during construction is not aesthetically appealing.

The rising price of new buildings.

Fluctuating prices of construction materials lead to inaccurate construction estimates.

Disruptions in material/raw material supply chains.

A long construction process and related project construction financing.

Lack of skilled construction workers / Wage (DU) growth

Personnel search and hiring.

Challenges in coordinating the cooperation of builders of different specializations during construction.

Long construction process and associated administrative costs (construction manager, project manager, etc.)

Problem solving

The sales process takes place on a plot of organized infrastructure with the demonstration of a model building.

Mass production, standardization and optimization make the price of barrels cheaper.

Fixed price. The entire house set is purchased from the warehouse at once, so the price is determined at the time of purchase.

Risk is minimized and managed by keeping standard items in stock at all times.

By greatly shortening the construction period (assembly of the partial finishing package takes about two weeks), the construction financing of the project becomes essentially unnecessary! Capital is released for the real estate developer for other activities (projects).

The lack of qualified builders and the impact of DU growth are minimized by greatly shortening the construction period and simplifying the assembly of the structure using standard elements.

By greatly shortening the construction, the need for personnel is reduced.

Installation is done by one team.

By greatly shortening the construction, administrative costs are reduced.

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