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Create a home according to your current needs without hesitation knowing you can extend it at any time

By following these rules, you can simply and quickly design your home 

1. Settle on the size of the house you want and choose the quantity of standard (3.6x3.6 m) squares accordingly. Arrange these squares to create the desired shape of the house. Load-bearing columns are located at the corners of these squares.


2. Next, determine the location of the bathroom and kitchen. The bathroom module is standard. Download a design template with the designated location for the bathroom module.

3. Plan the partition walls, internal doors, and furniture placements. Below are the sizes of the partition walls and doors.


3.1. Available sizes for partition walls and doors.

4. Based on the furniture placement, design the window walls and exterior doors. Below are the sizes of these elements.


4.1. Available sizes for exterior walls.

4.2. Available sizes for window walls.


4.3. Available sizes for exterior and terrace doors.

5. Clerestory windows (the second row of windows) are placed above the first row of walls. Their standard width is the same as the first row of walls and window walls. It is recommended to install as many clerestory windows as possible.

It is also advisable to include one operable clerestory window in each room, available sizes are provided in the image below.


5.1. Available sizes for operable clerestory windows.

6. Your house design is ready.

Namo išplanavimas
Namo išplanavimas 3D
Namo fasadas 3D
Namo fasadas 3D
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